Monday, January 21, 2013

There is nothing good about getting sick...except love. THANK YOU ILs!

I've been extremely sick for the past seems like forever, but it was only six days. I always have friends that I can turn to and inconvenience if necessary, but I always turn to my family first. and they certainly did not disappoint. I can handle a certain amount of sickness, but I definitely exaggerate and turn in to a giant baby. No matter where I am in the world, I always call whining to my mother, and to a lesser extent share with my dad as well. My mother was in Washington DC celebrating the 100 year anniversary of her sorority, so I had to rely solely on my siblings.

The first night I was curled up in the bathroom, and unexpectedly one sibling came in and asked if I needed anything and handed me a cup of ice water with a straw.

The next day my sister's boyfriend stopped by to check on me and my grandmom even called me. That day was the fake out day, because I thought that I was all better because I didn't have any symptoms after 10:30AM, but then everything started back up at 8PM.

The day after that when I really thought that I was going to die (here is the exaggeration). My sisters tried to call me and when I couldn't talk they texted with me to find out what I needed. They communicated with each other and my mother to help me the best that they could. One sister even brought my niece and nephew over to visit., which was kind of horrible since I couldn't come near them, but it was still really great to see them. And they also decided amongst themselves that I was exaggerating and wouldn't call my doctor, which I am still a little bitter about.... My other mother, my mom's best friend, even called to check up on me, and offered to stop by.

I have been sick like this one time before when I was living in Chicago. I was alone, had to get everything for myself, and the whole experience was just draining. I did have a housemate who bought me a few items, but my internet connection wasn't what it is today, and I wasn't able to talk on the phone to anyone, so I was pretty much alone on the bathroom floor for several days.

This time it was completely different, I have wonderful extended family members and friends that also would have helped me out if I needed them to, but for those of you that have siblings, you know that it is a different type of relationship. I am very blessed and fortunate to have three such wonderful people in my life, and love them very dearly.