Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Boots Galore

For the record I have been trying to fight this "bootie" trend since it came back in '04/'05. I was around in the '90s when they had their moment, and I even owned a few pairs, but when they came back I said to myself and my dear friend "DP" agreed that booties are confusing. They aren't real boots and they aren't shoes like pumps so they have no real identity or purpose. Fast forward to October 2012. I jumped head over heels onto the sneaker wedge trend. I fell in love when the Isabel Marants came out. I love the versions by ASH and I even love the Jeffrey Campbells. All of my favorite celebrities and bloggers were showcasing a pair, so I jumped on the bandwagon. I can't wear sneakers to work, so I rocked my sneaker wedges every weekend, at trade shows, fashion events, out to dinner and even just for walking around downtown. I was wearing pumps and sandals to work, but then all of a sudden it was cold, and it was real, and I was struggling to find shoes to wear to work that wouldn't cause my toes to freeze. Sidebar: I used to rock heels in the winter with no socks or tights, but I spent four brutal winters in Chicago and I now have a fear of being cold. I wear way too many layers and have even dared to wear flats to work in order to wear my wool socks....and it really hasn't been that cold here.

So I decided, since I prefer to wear heels to work and my wool socks, and I had already conformed to the sneaker wedge trend, it wouldn't be a stretch to explore booties. Well I went overboard, especially with the Holiday's a few of my purchases!