Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fashion in Bulk

I think I'm like most people sometimes when I shop. When I find an item of clothing that works for me, I buy it in as many colors as possible. I've got 20 or so silk collared shirts, cause I was on a kick this fall. I have several cotton blend cardigans from the same store, more than a few shirt styles in two or more colors, and I own at least 10 pair of shoes that are multiples as well.  Fall 2012 I came across these DKNY skinny jeans at TJMaxx. I really loved the color, there was a good blend of cotton and elastic that make them very comfortable, and they fit perfectly.

I found another pair right before Thanksgiving in this dark turquoise blue, and then last week I scored with a pair in gray and a purple pair that were on sale. Cha-ching!