Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year’s Eve Reflections

Happy New Year!!!

Photo Credit: Tiffany & Co.

This time of year I, like everyone else in America, begin to reflect on the progresses and failures of the previous year and what I could do differently to make the next year better.  This has actually been an amazing year. I started the year unemployed and nervously considering starting a business, and I am ending it with a career and a business that has grown into something wonderful, and has the potential to continue to grow. This was also a year of beginnings in my personal life. I turned 30; started a new decade and I have a new nephew (5years old) and a baby niece. Watching her grow in the few weeks that she has been alive has been so inspiring! I am so excited to watch her personality develop. Most of her time is consumed with sleeping or nursing, so it’s great that she is beginning to play and become aware of the world around her.  She is already ready to walk; everyone comments on how strong her little legs are already. She bounces and can bear weight (with assistance obviously), and I’m convinced she’s going to be a track star. 

Despite all of the positive experiences this year, I also have had some negative ones as well. There are mistakes that have been made, opportunities missed out on, some relationships that I wish to repair and others that I know ended naturally. There were times when I thought that I was just going to drown in failure and had no idea if I really had what it takes to develop a successful business. I’ve never been one to regret anything that I’ve done. I try to learn from all of my mistakes so that I don’t repeat them, and I also try to associate with people that understand me and can compensate for my weaknesses and flaws. I have also learned that I am horrible at photography and marketing. My business needs are quickly outgrowing my limited skills, but fortunately I have met people that excel in both of those areas and are interested in working with me.  
I’ve also had a variety of experiences and feedback that has helped to shape my vision and plan for my business moving forward, so get excited for 2013. I certainly am!