Monday, March 11, 2013

Spa Day! Spa Day!

So nice I had to say it twice! Sorry I've been away for so long. I have been really focusing on getting to the gym and lowering my cholesterol. Between workouts 3-4days a week and constantly working overtime at my full time job, I have barely had any free time. So I decided I needed a treat!

After my Friday night workout I headed around the corner to Cosmos Nail Salon hoping that they would still have time for me even though they were closing in thirty minutes.
Photo Credit: Cosmos Nail Salon

Photo Credit: Cosmos Nail Salon

Out of all of these colors (this is only part of their selection) I chose OPI's Chocolate Moose for my toes and Essie's Cafe Forgot for my hands.

The next day I headed to my Pilates class and then it was off to the Loews hotel for a Tranquility Massage and Facial. The facility was beautiful, services were great and I felt completely relaxed when I left.

After all of this pampering I figured it was a perfect time to head to the MAC store and pick up a few treats. I recycled 6 empty containers and picked out my free lipstick. I picked up MAC Red and I also needed a new Russian Red since my sister "walked away" with my other one. It has been gone for several months and I just noticed it two weeks ago because I've been rocking Dare You. I really enjoy wearing this color alone or with different lip liners (Vino and Currant) to create darker, bolder lips.

A day of pampering would not be complete without macaroons from Miel on 17th street. Miel has a few new flavors. I really enjoyed the lemon blueberry macaroon. What a great day to end a beautiful day!