Monday, March 26, 2012

The Seven Day Wardrobe

I am one of those people who is blessed to have an extensive wardrobe, but "never has anything to wear". This means that waste precious time in the morning basically putting on a fashion show and wishing I had done laundry the night before or hemmed those pants sitting in the mending pile. I created this system several years ago and it worked really well, but then I moved and lost my tags. Right now my life is really busy, and I don't have time every night to get ready, so I'm bringing this system back. This is a relatively simple task, and even though it may take a few hours, will shave time off of your morning routine.

The Formula
Step 1: Make These Tags
            Supplies: rubber bands, marker, index cards

Step 2: Clear a large surface i.e. your bed or table to lay out your options.
Step 3: Check the weather for the week, while this may change, it will still give you a guideline.

Step 4: Consult your schedule, mark any important meetings or events that require any specific type of attire
I have a networking event on Tuesday, after a full day of video training, so I chose a casual outfit that still represents my personality enough for an event.
Step 5: Pick out clothes to create an outfit. This may include trying items on, ironing, and/or a load of emergency laundry.

The pants and the sweater for this outfit are in the washer.
Step 6: Choose coordinating shoes, and to really save time, choose accessories as well.

Step 7: Hang outfits with tag on the hangers, and place shoes underneath or arranged elsewhere in the correct order.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


Every week just follow steps 2-7 and you'll be amazed at how much smoother your mornings will run!