Thursday, March 1, 2012

Initial Steps

                                               Just to get you up to speed, here's what I've done so far...
December 12, 2011: Opened Etsy Store
January 1, 2012: Etsy Store went Live
January10th: Orientation at Wharton SBDC
January 17th: LinkedIN Webinar
January 21st: Joined Pinterest
January 29th: Susan Hess' Modern Dance"In Performance:48hours".
January 30th: I connected with one of the dancer/choreographers, Gabrielle Revlock, and we agreed to collaborate on her April performance.
February 2nd: PAA for Opening Event for FiberPhiladelphia

February 7th: Small Business Q&A at the Free Library of Philadelphia and saw the Pina Bausch movie.
I missed a networking opportunity at the movie, so I decided to network with the panelists via social  media.
February 9th: Attended opening at PPAC
February 10th: Volunteered at inLiquid Benefit and began to practice networking.
February 12th: Found out that volunteers with FiberPhilly get space in the exhibit...and promptly signed up.
February 13th/15th: Wharton SBDC workshops
February 20th: After networking with one of the panelists on Feb. 7th, I was invited to hear Maggie Anderson speak about her book "Our Black Year" at the African Art Museum of Philadelphia. A great read for everyone.

February 23rd: First Etsy sale!
February 22nd: Joined Twitter @JRochelleDesign
February 24th: Found business plan competition online through LinkedIN
February 26th: My very first art installation! for FiberPhilly
February 27th: Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic Networking event
             Met with Wharton Consultant who gave me great feedback and advice about my business planning.
February 29th: SCORE Philadelphia/Bizivents/Who'ja Barter Networking Event