Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fish and Optical Fiber

March 2nd, 2012: Friday after work, I met with one of Philly’s biggest restaurateurs. I was so lucky to connect with him through my Alumni network and a Twitter posting! He gave me some great advice and when I told him about adding a bar to my retail store, he told me that a PA liquor license is $65,000 and that I need to add $200,000 to my startup costs, Ahhhh! Why is it so expensive??? I’m not completely crushed, but it’s definitely something to think about.
 After my meeting I headed to Fish for their new happy hour. (Sidebar: I get lost pretty easily, especially when I don’t map out or write down the address. ) I walked from Chestnut street to 12th and Locust, which I thought was the location. It wasn’t, so I walked around in a circle for 10min until I found it at 13th and Locust. I wasn’t too far off, but still being lost in the winter is not fun.  
I love seafood, and especially oysters. Fish’s happy hour had a great red wine, Barbera-Dolcetto, and $.99 Chincoteague oysters, as well as some other great beers and cocktails. The crispy pork belly sliders were awesome! But the tuna panzanella was just okay. The pickled cherry tomatoes made the salad so unbalanced.  My taste buds were screaming from all of the acid! I would give this place another chance, but I don’t think it’s on my list of favorites.

After dinner, I made my way in the pouring rain to Chinatown for “Optical Fiber” at Space 1026 on Arch St. Clearly I didn’t read the description carefully, because I was thinking that there would be lighting special effects, but there weren’t.  I saw interesting work by Takashi Iwasaki and Allison Watkins. I really enjoyed their embroidery techniques and use of material. Such beautiful handiwork!