Monday, May 28, 2012

Night Market Food Trust

May 21-26
This week was kind of chill; I attended my Business Plan Writing class, had an interview, volunteered on an elementary school field trip, attended a Google+ workshop and basically recovered from my fabulous week in LA!
May 24: I did manage to volunteer at and attend the Northern Liberties Night Market  organized by the non-profit Food Trust. Great food, great music, and I met some really great volunteers. It was definitely a good time; I'm considering volunteering again next month!

Straight West Coastin'...

May 14: After doing a final luggage/packing check, I made my way to Wharton for the first session of the business plan writing workshop. I'm really glad I had the foresight to enroll for this session, because I've been really involved in the "doing" and networking and going to events, that I've been neglecting the planning a little. In doing the first assignment, I realize that I was a little disconnected from my initial plan, and I've also learned new things that I need to incorporate into my plan, so I'm really excited about this workshop series!

May 15: I had an early morning flight with a layover in Denver. Nothing really exciting except these signs were posted everywhere...on the wall to the restroom, in stairwells.

After a long flight, there was an even longer line to pick up my rental car, and I got lost for about an hour...I managed to make it all the way south to Torrence, CA instead of going north east to my friend's place in South Carthay/Beverly Hills.

Airplane Book: Papillon the story of Henri Charrière and his escape from French imprisonment.

Dinner was at  El Coyote and then I passed out from jetlag at about 7pm local time

May 16 Today was a big day, first stop National History Museum in the Exposition complex, which also houses the California Science Center and the California African American Museum.

 Highlights: Giant seashells, gem vault, the stuffed foxes and the reconstructed dinosaurs.

Next stop, California African American Museum. I saw the collection of all of the wall art and sculptures  that were once displayed in the AA owned and operated "Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company", as well as pieces from their permanent collection. I saw my second favorite artist, Henry Ossawa Tanner, as well as pieces by Frank E. Cummings III, James McMillan, Edward Clark, Violet Y. Fields and Dominque Moody, among other fabulous artists.

I'm extremely old-fashioned sometimes. I forgot to get maps from AAA before I left, so I planned to go once I arrived, needless to say I got lost, so when I saw the AAA signs on my way from CAAM I immediately turned around and went into the largest AAA complex I've ever seen. It looks like the images of military compounds in the movies...

Then I headed to FIDM museum only to find out that it was closed...the exhibit ended the previous day, so I went cruising, found myself in Korea Town and I was super confident since I finally had my maps, so of course I got lost...again.


Rooftop Party at 1010 Wilshire featured an open bar, chocolate fountain, soul food turkey burgers, chicken fingers and key lime mousse shooters, art vendors, 2 deejays and a poolside hair show. Plus I met Rose and Lili who knows about all of the events (free/low cost of course) happening in the LA area. She gave me a lot of good tips and is partly responsible for the great trip I had in Los Angeles!

The night ended with a performance by Zatina G at Lotus on the Nile

May 17 First I headed to Jeff's Gourmet Sausage Factory for an all-beef hotdog and fries.
Then I drove downtown to the MOCA building on 1st and Central for the Cai Guo-Qiang This artist uses gunpowder to create his work. Some are temporary and only captured on film, like "Sky Ladder" and others are pieces that can be displayed in museums and galleries.

I then trekked up the steepest hill ever to get to the MOCA building on Grand...Google maps said it was only a 10minute walk, but said nothing about the calf workout that I would get....I saw some cool street art on the way.

MOCA on Grand offers free admission from 5-8pm every Thursday. The special exhibition was The Painting Factory: Abstraction after Warhol featuring Andy Warhol and artists that were inspired by his work/vision. There is an Art Daily article that explains it best. The other galleries of the permanent collection showcased artists such as Giacometti, Cy Twombly, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Rothko, Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollack just to name a few.

Next I headed to the Century City mall on Santa Monca Boulevard for the Madewell Style Event.

Then I headed to the Sandast store launch in the Fashion District. These photos and the LATimes article do not give justice to the beautifully handcrafted leather goods, that pay homage to the designer/maker's Italian heritage and his American home. There are two lines "Italian Vintage" and "American Rugged".

Last stop: The W in Westwood.

 May 18
Versailles Cuban for lunch.
MOCA Pacific Design Center: Peggy Moffitt and Rudi Gernreich exhibit. Retrospective interview by Peggy Moffitt on Nowness

I stopped at Dr. Tea's Tea Garden for a Orange Cream "Frostea" with almond milk before heading to the LACMA complex.

May 18th is International Museum Day, so LACMA as well as most major museums offered complimentary admission today. LACMA has a real-live tar pit. Insane!!!
parking meter with credit card reader
bubbling tar pit

There is so much art to see here, that I got overwhelmed. I spent 3hours exploring the galleries, and only made it through half of the buildings! I reached my saturation point, so I headed out planning to return before the end of my trip...I never made it back.

May 19
The Grove Farmer's Market, where I had a french dip sandwich from Magee's Kitchen

Then we headed to a Pop Up Event organized by Broke Girl's Guide at  Apt 2B with le fashion truck and Bath petals trucks. I saw the Square card reader in action, and am now contemplating getting one for my own business adventures!

Afterwards we headed to the J.Paul Getty for the Herb Ritts Exhibit.
And my trip to LA would not be complete without a trip to the infamous Cupcake ATM made by Sprinkles bakery. Check out the video here.

Then we headed to the MOCA film screening and reception for "As It Lays" here featuring Larry Flynt, Rosanna Arquette, Oliver Stone, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rachel Zoe, Vidal Sassoon and more. Pre-taped interviews were projected on the screen, and we were privileged to also view live interviews of surfer Randy Hamilton, Molly Ringwald, and Melanie Griffith!!! The event was held at The Jim Henson Soundstage  and featured delicious cocktails with Tanteo tequila and local organic pressed juice.

Our night ended at the infamous Jones Hollywood with a mushroom pizza and arugula salad. Yum!

May 20 
ASweeney and I woke up super early, so we decided to head to a 8:30am yoga class at Yogawork, by the time the class ended the Farmer's Market was set up across the street, so I bought some "treats" for my long plane ride the next day...a fresh avocado and bread. Then we had breakfast at the Larchmont Bungalow before heading to the beaches in Santa Monica and Venice.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't really do amusement parks...but somehow I got talked into riding the Pirate Ship. After the ship caught momentum, I was reminded why I hate going on rides!!!! After the life threatening experience ended we headed out to Venice.

May 21 Farewell Los Angeles :( Here are a few of the songs that played repeatedly on the radio, so they will always be a part of my LA memories, and these gorgeous Jacaranda trees are everywhere! Purple is my favorite color, so I was particularly smitten. I have tons more pictures and videos and Google Places reviews, look for them here

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Food and First Friday.

Monday April 30: After work I headed over to Pizzeria Stella for a Google Philly event. I was pleasantly surprised by the food and got to hang out with some great people, including the always captivating Zatina G of Creative Corners.
Tuesday May 1: Tonight I checked out the relatively new restaurant Square Peg. I've heard a lot of buzz about this place, but it's always best to check it out for yourself. I love love love their bread pudding! Afterwards I headed up to Chew Avenue to visit Serena at the newly launched Passion Art Design LLC. She and her partner are talented artists, she paints and sews and does everything and he is an amazing visual artist who specializes in working with his fingers using charcoals and pastels.

Wednesday May 2: City Hall Presents...Rennie Harris Movement. I had never seen this group before, and they gave an interactive overview  of the history of hip hop dance. Here is a brief selection:

Next I rushed over to the PAA for the lecture by Harshita of Harshita Designs. She makes beautiul printed silk pieces, using a variety of dyeing techniques. It is mind-blowing to discover what work and skill goes into her work.

Afterwards I headed downstairs to the week-old Rittenhouse Tavern. Check out my review on Google Places here.

Friday May 4th: First Friday
My night started at the Locks Gallery space for the Jennifer Bartlett exhibition.

Drink Philly hosts an open-house every month. This month there were mostly photographers featured, including Jessica Berli.
I then stopped by the gallery on the corner of 3rd and Church St. to experience the work of nnamed  Judy Breslin. Next it was The Clay Studio Tyler Lotz, Shannon M.Sullivan "Swarm Study #3" and HS student Sean Mullin "Fish Out Of Water"

Shannon M.Sullivan "Swarm Study #3"

Shannon M.Sullivan "Swarm Study #3" (side view)

Sean Mullin "Fish Out Of Water"


I briefly popped into the new home of AIGA but it was way too crowded to enjoy their collection of printed wall hangings and posters. Then on my way back to Market Street, I saw the Ernestine Ruben at the Dalet Art  gallery. Her work is really beautiful and thought provoking. I ended the night at Continental with some exquisite Korean pork tacos!

Cinco de Mayo: Work was really exhausting, so I couldn't make it to any of the great festivities but I did stop in at El Rey for some yummy tacos, and a live mariachi band. Then my last Stop was the Fourth Street Deli where I picked up this GIANT ECLAIR!!!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beautifully Bittersweet Endings

May 6-8 The PMA special exhibit "Van Gogh Up Close" closed on Sunday and while it was a beautiful show and heavily attended we were all glad it was finally we partied!!! We partied Sunday night, Monday night and Tuesday night and celebrated how great the show was and acknowledged just how stressful it is to interact with 6,000 people/day....

May 9 Uber Philly launch event at the Perch Pub organized by DrinkPhilly Uber is a basically an on-demand taxi company that allows you to request a car 24/7. You can download the app to your phone and link it to your credit card, so no need to worry about having enough cash, and you don't have to tip. Genius! I could have definitely used their services several nights ago...I also met one of the writers of Thrillist a really great guy. The highlight of our conversation was when he explained to me that he was teaching his 4month old daughter to make faces to express emotions, happy, sad, etc...and then showed me the photos that he had captured...Hilarious!
After several free drinks, I made my way over to 15th street for "City Hall Presents... Nikki Jean" This event was the last of the indoor series for the spring, and Nikki Jean is an amazing songstress. Check out her website to hear her music and for upcoming event dates.

Next stop Google Philly at Mexican Post. I love almost everything Google, not in a weird way. All of their programs/platforms are just really efficient and practical. My new favorite thing is that I can send the events on my Google calendar straight to my phone via text...Score!!!
At this event I met some cool people including entertainment lawyer Mohammed and the amazing illustrator of Style Pencil, Rahelia. After chatting for several hours we headed over to Yakitori Boy for karaoke!

 May 10 Jeanne Rudy Final Performance. The event opened with a champagne reception, and then the dancers came out in to the lobby and performed a 10minute pre-lude to the show before the doors opened. This was my first Jeanne Rudy performance and I loved everything. From the artwork projected on the wall behind the dancers to the costumes, to the choreography. It was a well composed show and excellent review of the 12 years of her company's existence. Check out the official review here.

May 12
I volunteered at the Philly Swap at Broad Street Ministry.  After being on hiatus for a year, this bi-annual event has been revitalized. Admission is $20, but if you bring a bag of clothing, the entry is only $10. You can take as many items as you like, and there were craft stations to create other items or revamp the items that you selected. The featured crafters were the Etsy team: Handmade Philly,  Rebecca Peck of Fiskateers, and my new best friend, Amber of Phea Jean. She has such great energy and is a very quick seamstress. She made 5 or 6 items in the few hours that I was there.

I then headed to my favorite Cuban spot, Mixto for my standard Ropa Vieja. Then I made my way to Penn's landing for the Art Star Craft Bazaar. I won't tell you how many times I got lost getting from Mixto to the Bazaar...And I'm a Philly native:/
I'm totally smitten with the ASCB offerings, especially Fabricated Ends by Amber Kane, Jordan Elise of Horrible Adorables, Namoo from Columbia, MD and Little Hip Squeaks.

Next stop, Pnk Elephant for the Skye Couture Launch Event, where I was joined by my long-time friend who lives in DC, but was in town for Mother's Day. Yay!
Afterwards we headed to Bistrot La Minette for un pichet of wine, and after catching up for hours, we decided that instead of their beautiful French food, we needed a Philly staple...a slice from Lorenzo and Sons' Pizza This place has the largest cheapest slices of pizza in Philly. Not as big as DC's jumbo slices, but pretty large, and loaded with cheese. They stay open til 3 or 4am and there is always a line, which moves so quickly because they have strict rules as posted on their signs. "No Toppings, Don't Even Think About It" and "$.25 for a box".

What a delicious way to end the week!