Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wolvesmouth Dinner

The internet is my best friend. I was searching for restaurants to check out during my trip and I came across this LA Weekly Article about Wolvesmouth. I quickly signed up and explained that I was coming from out of town and would love an invite if they were having an event during my stay. Next thing I know there was an email saying that there would be a dinner on May 24th, so I responded to that email saying the same thing and next thing you know I got an invite to join the Wolvesmouth dinner. Just to back track the Wolvesden is a 16 person dinner of about nine courses. The invite list is very selective and the guests are selected to create a balanced and interesting experience. It is in a secret location that you are only told about the day of the dinner, you obviously cannot share it with anyone, or else you lose. You bring your own beverages, they only serve water and basically it is the place to be...and I was there.

Wolvesmouth is coming to NYC. You can buy tickets here...if they're still available.