Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SAVA Spring Beauty

SAVA is one of my favorite brands in Philly. I've read countless articles about the vision and foresight of owner, Sarah Van Aken; I follow her brand on social media, but I've never actually been in the store until this
event. The store hosted a Spring Makeup Trend Event with artists from Beans Beauty.

Courtesy of SaVa Fashion

Guests had an opportunity to munch on some treats, enjoy wine and champagne, and get their makeup done while shopping. Of course I had to get my makeup done! (Sidebar: Before this event I went to the gym, and then I went to the MAC store to purchase new foundation, nude lipstick and a purple lipstick. I did manage to get two out of three, but this nude lip made me so uncomfortable! AND I am horrible at taking "selfies", I've been practicing my "smizing", but the photos always manage to look so forced. I didn't have time to multiple pics, so I was stuck with this one:/ )



I know this is a weird picture, and the lighting was weird, but I just wanted you to see the little mini wings that Rose gave me. I also took a picture of the gorgeous baby doll eyelashes, but it was even freakier, so I'll spare you all.

This is the after shot, Rose from Beans Beauty was going crazy with my eyelashes and we tried to test out the two tone lip trend, but she had mostly glosses, so it didn't turn out so well. She did offer to try it out if I visited the store...I will definitely go see her soon!

I also had a great time at the SAVA boutique and will certainly be back to add some pieces to my wardrobe.