Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

I'm headed out today and I'm so excited to get away. I've booked a rental car, picked up maps from AAA (yes I am extremely old school), created my itinerary (yes I am anal meticulous), checked the weather, got my IRHSA passport so I can go to the gym, got a vacation mani/pedi, charged my cell phone, laptop, bought more than a few Groupons, made reservations, bought a few tickets, and packed my luggage days ago,. My luggage has always been colorful; I used to have red luggage, but after many international and cross country trips I had to retire them, plus everyone started carrying red luggage... My latest pieces are purple and orange, and I managed to score these Missoni for Target bags that coordinate with both pieces, not like anyone is checking. (I went a day late, and it was like ghost town; these items were hidden by some unlucky shopper who thought that she was being slick, but took too long to retrieve her I won.)

Image Courtesy of Ebay

Image Courtesy of Ebay


Image Courtesy of SharedReviews
Image Courtesy of LuggageMore

...I'finally ready; Los Angeles, here I come!

Image Courtesy of ListenPoint