Monday, October 29, 2012

JRochelle Designs Fall Accessories Fashion Presentation

October 20, 2012: I worked so hard and taxed my poor sewing machine...I hope you enjoy!

Lower Image: Sequined Headbands, Suede and Chain Necklace with Matching Bracelet all by JRochelle Designs
Clockwise: 1. Leather& Silk Braided Necklaces, Medium Leather Envelope Bag-Blue, 2. Sequin Headband, Suede& Chain Necklace, Braided Leather Bracelets, 3.Sequin Headband, Suede and Chain Necklace& Bracelet Set.                                   All by JRochelle Designs

Top Left: Medium Leather Envelope in Putty, Bottom Right: Sequin Headband, Leather&Chain Necklaces                         by JRochelle Designs

Top Left: Leather Envelope Luggage in Olive Green, Top Right: Medium Leather Envelope in Putty

Orange Rabbit Fur, hand sewn and dyed by JRochelle Designs

Pineapple headband and Ocelot Sequined Scarf by JRochelle Designs

Oxblood Fur Scarf by JRochelle Designs
Oxblood Fur Scarf by JRochelle Designs

Felt headpiece with rabbit fur and Swarovski crystals by JRochelle Designs

Styled by JRochelle Designs

Felt Headpiece with Swarovski Crystals and Orange Rabbit Fur Scarf by JRochelle Designs

Clockwise:1. Lt. Sequined Headband, Oxblood Fur Scarf, 2. Sequin Headband, 3. Orange Rabbit Fur and Felt Headpiece, Pineapple Sequined Headband, Ocelot Sequined Scarf 4. Felt headpiece all by JRochelle Designs

Fashion in Motion
Mom insisted on giving me a birthday shout-out. Needless to say I was embarrassed...