Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weekly Round Up featuring Secret Outlast Clear Gel (among other awesome things)

Summer Collection by Philly's own eco-friendly label Cheryl Ana

I'm lovin this jacket from Vince, and a little confused why the company chose to devote an email blast to it even though it is the middle of summer...
Image Courtesy of Vince

I'm adding this to my shopping list cause Kaitlin Jessing-Butz from The Cut has seen results...even though I've never met her, nor seen her skin before or after using this product.

I'm not sure that I can pull this off without looking like a 5th grader but it is cute.

Image Courtesy of Pixie Market

I received the Influenster Spring Fever Vox Box (a mouthful, I know) for free, and the best part so far has been the Secret Outlast deodorant.
Image Courtesy of Dove
Image Courtesy of
The best part about this is that I didn't notice any difference between Secret Outlast and my long time staple, Dove Visibly Smooth, is...drumroll please...I can last longer than 24hours without having to reapply. How long you ask? I'll never tell. This is great for when my eczema is telling my brain that water is evil and toxic (believe me it happens), or when I'm out on a safari in Africa (probably never gonna happen) or just on a cross country road-trip or cross-continental flight (both have happened, and I wish I had this deodorant then).