Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Potito's Italian Bakery: Home of the "Best of Philly" Cannolii

Potito's Bakery is one of the staples of South Philly, but sometimes South Philly is sooo far away, so the owners, Christina and Matthew brought some treats to Center City! The new shop, Potito's Bakery& Cafe, opened in March and is already a welcome addition to the neighborhood. The pastries are made in their South Philly location, so you won't be tempted by the aroma of baking goods, but with a variety of cookies, pastries, cupcakes and of course cannolis, you can certainly enjoy everything the Potito/Benigno family stands for...good, quality desserts that become part of your family's traditions and memories. 

 This is the reason that Potito's has been ranked number one for so many years....

My new best friend!

Photo Credit: Mark Hylton
 I had to limit myself to only five treats during the event, so I had to choose wisely...

A visual history of the family owned Potito's American Bakery. Photo Credit: Mark Hylton
A perfect cake for my niece's first birthday party....

Ahhh the display case!!! Photo Credit: Mark Hylton

Photo Credit: Mark Hylton
Photo Credit: Mark Hylton
Is your mouth watering yet?

One of the coolest features of this event was watching this cake transform.

Photo Credit: Mark Hylton

I reached my pastry limit, so I just watched other people enjoy their treats!
This cherry confection caught my eye...
According to the sales clerk, it's a Black Forest Cake...or a strawberry shortcake with chocolate cake and cherries instead....and according to her "Why go to the gym if you can't eat pastries?" My new motto!
Owners Christina and Matthew Benigno, JRochelle, GM Joe Martella. Photo Credit: Mark Hylton
 You should run to Potito's Bakery...either location to grab one of these goodies!