Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Fashion of Recycling

I try to do my part to help heal the environment. I am lucky enough to live in a city that does single stream recycling and does weekly collection. Despite this, my job does not recycle (which is ludicrous to me since I work for the government), so I have to collect items in my little cubicle. The other day my recycling was "stolen", I'm assuming the cleaning staff thought that they were helping me out, but I feel horrible because I'm pretty sure my little stash just joined the rest of the garbage.

In addition to my recycling, I also am an avid thrifter which is a great way to reuse someone else's items, but it is an acquired skill and takes a lot of patience and is not for everyone. When I heard about H&M's commitment to the environment several months ago I was so excited to find out the details so share with as many people as I could. Well the H&M Conscious Collection, which is more than just a new clothing line, is finally at a store near you!

Courtesy of H&M

The collection has a mix of prints and complimentary solids that exude a lush, tropical environment. I was unable to find fiber/manufacturing details about this specific collection, however pieces that I purchased in the winter from their children's conscious collection were made of organic or recycled cotton and Eco-conscious manufacturing practices. The website boasts that H&M is the number one user of organic cotton world-wide, details their better cotton practices as well as their commitment to seven areas of sustainability, so I will assume that this collection is made with at least one of these practices.

The best part of this campaign is that shoppers can bring old clothes to any H&M store to have them recycled. For each bag that is donated shoppers receive a 15% off voucher. There is a limit of two shopping bags that can be donated per person.

It is so exciting to see a mass-market clothing company not just talk about making changes, but also follow through with initiatives that can help to restore the environment! I support you H&M!