Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Weekend Madness

May 27 The Barnes Foundation
Yes, I was one of those insane people who attended the Barnes Foundation's 72 hour admission for Memorial Day weekend. My admission was for 5:30AM Sunday morning, and it was the perfect time to go. There were more people at the museum than I anticipated, but I still got to experience and enjoy all of the works. Disregarding the financial value of the collection, Dr. Barnes had a really great eye and selected some amazing pieces of paintings, sculptures and furniture that are composed in such a way that each room is a different experience. some rooms have obvious themes as evidenced by the subject matter, but other rooms just evoke a feeling, which is just as compelling. I highly recommend that you check out this wonderful institution.

May 29 The Art Sanctuary and the Kimmel Center presents "An Evening with Joan Myers Brown of Philadanco"

Joan Meyers Brown and author Brenda Dixon Gottschild

May 30 After meeting with a potential client, I went to Chifa for dinner before heading to the Kimmel Center for Sittin In with Jeff Bradshaw featuring my new love DJ Phsh!

June 1 Muse Gallery featuring artist and one of my former art teachers, CJ Cona

 Grace Tessein from the Clay Studio ( not posing with her work)


Some of the other work from the Work Exchange Artists at The Clay Studio

  LGTripp Gallery featuring Andrew Vega

Scenes from the "Fashion Walk" category of The Foundation Ball part of the 11th Annual Trans Health conference