Monday, June 11, 2012

June Showers

This was a busy, busy week! 

June 3rd Late Sunday night to early Monday morning, I made my long overdue new purse. I've been looking for a day bag for about a year now, and last week I decided I would just make my own from some leather I had just lying around. 6.5 hours later....

I'm not becoming a handbag designer, but I'm thinking about creating a couple more for my fashion show and pop-up store...

June 4 I finally selected the designers for my show. I am really happy with my choices, and excited for the work that they will produce. Mark your calendars for October 20th...

Today I really explored my Etsy site, checking my stats etc. and realized that I had neglected my Etsy shop! I had about 10items in the draft phase. Each listing had photos but no text...oops, so I spent the morning updating the listings and making them "live".

Also on the Etsy site, I saw that I had received no responses regarding the annual Etsy Craft Party for store owners, and by default became the organizer of this event.

Later that day at my Business Plan workshop, I asked my instructor what to do since I never seemed to get any negative or constructive feedback when I tell people my vision. He explained to me that most people won't give me what I'm looking for unless I ask explicitly...hmmm.

June 5 After playing phone tag and scheduling and re-scheduling meetings, I remembered that I could actually use my phone to make calls, and had a phone meeting with one of the designers featured in my show.

June 6 Riding the wave of this phone meeting phenomenon, I had a conversation with both my lighting guy and my photographer for the show while on the way to see my accountant!!! Multi-tasking at its finest:)All three conversations were productive and I now have an EIN for JRochelle Designs!!! Next step tax fund, and business bank account.

My accountant also is my cousin, so I got to spend some time with the cutest most fashionable 2.5year old I know! Then it was off to Reserve on Chestnut Street for a networking event, where I met a deejay, model, event planner and other women in the fashion and beauty industry.  It's refreshing to go to events where you automatically have something in common with most of the attendees; I've been going to a lot of design and tech events, and meeting people who work with CAD software and vectors and speak a language that I don't understand. I had such a great time that I missed the Ledisi book signing at the AAMP which I heard was such a success! Next time.

June 7 As default Etsy party organizer I met with the Community Organizer at the NextFab Studios in University City to go over details and tour the facility. She graciously agreed to host our group free of charge and to even show us how to use some of the equipment like the laser cutter, 3-D printer and digital embroidery machine.

Next Stop: Skinny Cow's "Dirty Dancing" Screening at Franklin Mills Mall

June 9 Getting dressed I had a slight dilemma, I was headed to an outdoor arts festival, Inliquid "Art for the Cash Poor" and afterwards to the opera, "Slaying of the Dragon". I decided to pair a cotton Hawaiian print shirt with a black silk dress.

June 10 Sunday was the busiest day ever and I even managed to rope my sister and her friend into joining me for most of the day! First stop, Christine Shirley Trunk Show at the White Dog Cafe in Wayne

After this beautiful event I headed to Northern Liberties for the Radstitch Clothing Launch at Concrete Polish. I got to visit with my favorite ring "The Pineapple Ring" and see some beautifully hand dyed pieces.
Then it was off to 23rd and South Streets for the annual Odunde Festival....

Some how I made my way to the front to watch the talented Marsha Ambrosius perform!

The night ended with dinner with my youngest sister at Distrito in University City. Yum!