Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beautifully Bittersweet Endings

May 6-8 The PMA special exhibit "Van Gogh Up Close" closed on Sunday and while it was a beautiful show and heavily attended we were all glad it was finally we partied!!! We partied Sunday night, Monday night and Tuesday night and celebrated how great the show was and acknowledged just how stressful it is to interact with 6,000 people/day....

May 9 Uber Philly launch event at the Perch Pub organized by DrinkPhilly Uber is a basically an on-demand taxi company that allows you to request a car 24/7. You can download the app to your phone and link it to your credit card, so no need to worry about having enough cash, and you don't have to tip. Genius! I could have definitely used their services several nights ago...I also met one of the writers of Thrillist a really great guy. The highlight of our conversation was when he explained to me that he was teaching his 4month old daughter to make faces to express emotions, happy, sad, etc...and then showed me the photos that he had captured...Hilarious!
After several free drinks, I made my way over to 15th street for "City Hall Presents... Nikki Jean" This event was the last of the indoor series for the spring, and Nikki Jean is an amazing songstress. Check out her website to hear her music and for upcoming event dates.

Next stop Google Philly at Mexican Post. I love almost everything Google, not in a weird way. All of their programs/platforms are just really efficient and practical. My new favorite thing is that I can send the events on my Google calendar straight to my phone via text...Score!!!
At this event I met some cool people including entertainment lawyer Mohammed and the amazing illustrator of Style Pencil, Rahelia. After chatting for several hours we headed over to Yakitori Boy for karaoke!

 May 10 Jeanne Rudy Final Performance. The event opened with a champagne reception, and then the dancers came out in to the lobby and performed a 10minute pre-lude to the show before the doors opened. This was my first Jeanne Rudy performance and I loved everything. From the artwork projected on the wall behind the dancers to the costumes, to the choreography. It was a well composed show and excellent review of the 12 years of her company's existence. Check out the official review here.

May 12
I volunteered at the Philly Swap at Broad Street Ministry.  After being on hiatus for a year, this bi-annual event has been revitalized. Admission is $20, but if you bring a bag of clothing, the entry is only $10. You can take as many items as you like, and there were craft stations to create other items or revamp the items that you selected. The featured crafters were the Etsy team: Handmade Philly,  Rebecca Peck of Fiskateers, and my new best friend, Amber of Phea Jean. She has such great energy and is a very quick seamstress. She made 5 or 6 items in the few hours that I was there.

I then headed to my favorite Cuban spot, Mixto for my standard Ropa Vieja. Then I made my way to Penn's landing for the Art Star Craft Bazaar. I won't tell you how many times I got lost getting from Mixto to the Bazaar...And I'm a Philly native:/
I'm totally smitten with the ASCB offerings, especially Fabricated Ends by Amber Kane, Jordan Elise of Horrible Adorables, Namoo from Columbia, MD and Little Hip Squeaks.

Next stop, Pnk Elephant for the Skye Couture Launch Event, where I was joined by my long-time friend who lives in DC, but was in town for Mother's Day. Yay!
Afterwards we headed to Bistrot La Minette for un pichet of wine, and after catching up for hours, we decided that instead of their beautiful French food, we needed a Philly staple...a slice from Lorenzo and Sons' Pizza This place has the largest cheapest slices of pizza in Philly. Not as big as DC's jumbo slices, but pretty large, and loaded with cheese. They stay open til 3 or 4am and there is always a line, which moves so quickly because they have strict rules as posted on their signs. "No Toppings, Don't Even Think About It" and "$.25 for a box".

What a delicious way to end the week!