Monday, July 8, 2013

Beauty Tips: Highlighting and Contouring

My favorite way to learn more about makeup is to check out Youtube videos and online tutorials. Right now I'm practicing my highlighting and contouring. I've written here about the first part of my journey and I made sure I had a great base. So now it's time to really perfect this technique and tailor it to my face.

The Cut has a really cool .gif tutorial that quickly walks you through the technique. I already knew I needed to find the hollow of my cheeks, but I didn't really think about the brush strokes.

Cara, from Maskcara, provides a much more detailed (and longer) tutorial and explains what colors or shades of product to use, and where to apply and what effect will be created. I think this is my favorite tool so far just because it is so comprehensive.

After watching this video, I'm starting to question my bronzer. 
Is there too much shimmer? Is it dark enough? Is is the right shade?