Friday, July 5, 2013

Beauty Tips: Color Matching

I really know nothing about foundation, concealer, warm versus cold, undertones or any such thing. What I do know is how to consult with someone who is trained and paid to do so. I can look in the mirror and see that my skin is different shades, I'm always darker on my T-zone than the rest of my face. I also know that I, like many people, tan, which also changes my skin color drastically. Also different brands have different color names and shades and even with MAC, the brand that I am most loyal to, I am a different color name in each of their formulas, which certainly makes things confusing.

I've been using MAC's cream based concealer for a few years now to cover up my major racoon eyes and other blemishes, and the Studio Fix powder plus foundation, but now I have become brave enough to explore liquid foundation. This is where I ran into trouble. I bought did this little quiz on their website to figure out what formula I wanted and what sort of coverage I needed. I was looking for an everyday foundation, as well as one for special occasions or events. I decided on Pro Longwear and Matchmaster. I told the salesclerk that I didn't know what color/numbers, but that I use the Studio Fix Powder. I did test out the Matchmaster and even though it looked good in the store, at home it was too dark, as was the Pro Longwear. That was totally my mistake for not trying it on first.



Several days later I headed to another store, and explained the problem and she helped me settle on this color which was just right for my "winter/early spring color". She did suggest that I return the other products, but I do get darker in the summer, so I said I would keep them until then.
Garnier BB Cream in Deep


I've also been trying out the Garnier "Deep" BB cream that I received at the "Getting Gorgeous" event with the CVS Beauty Club. Their colors range from Fair to Medium to Deep...not crazy about the names, but whatever. While the color, finish and moisture level were all good, they did not differ from any of the MAC foundations, so I am still not sold on the miracle of these creams...

The weather has been rather finicky, so I'm not quite dark enough for the Pro Longwear and the Matchmaster and too light for the BB Cream and Studio Fix Fluid, so I need to come up with something better, but after finishing with the Studio Fix Powder, and contouring and highlighting with multiple bronzers, blushes and illuminators, I think it works, although I do have to pay extra attention to blending at the chin/ neck.

The next step is to perfect the highlighting and contouring technique.