Friday, April 19, 2013

You'd Better Werk...Out

So many of you know I have been on a mission to lower my cholesterol level. I took a multi pronged approach. I joined a gym, visited a nutritionist, met with a pulmonologist to make sure my asthma wouldn't be an issue, adjusted my eating habits and began walking to work. I am pleased to announce that after the first six weeks I lost 7 pounds!!! This was a happy side effect of making my heart healthier.

Unfortunately, I've lost a little bit of steam; walking to work every day slowly slipped to 2 days and now I can't remember the last time I walked. I kept a food journal for the month of February, and have since abandoned that too.

But there are some lasting changes, I have increased my fiber intake and my water intake, I attend 2-3 mat Pilates classes per week, attend this kick butt cardio/weight circuit class once a week and aim for two cardio days/week. It has been hard to adjust my workouts around my work schedule, but I have been able to manage.

Now onto the important stuff workout gear!!! If you've been following me on Twitter you know that that I recently found the Holy Grail of fitness gear, The LULULEMON SALE RACK. LuluLemon Athletica recently hit the news for their bad batch of see-through leggings but everyone at my gym still rocks their gear. Lululemon items do come at a high price, but their products are comfortable yet fashionable. This brand is great in my eyes. They offer excellent customer service and a ease of shopping, bottoms are displayed in attractive little floor to ceiling cubbies sorted by both style and size, plus the brand presents itself as a lifestyle brand. Eco friendly re-usable shopping bags, local running clubs and yoga demos, in-store water fountains and your name on the dressing room door make shopping a special experience.

This pot of gold reminded me that I had not yet prepared for the spring/summer season. If this summer is anything like last summer, it will be way too hot to attempt to incorporate workout tops or leggings into my work outfits, so I needed to go shopping. I approached this "challenge" like I do the rest of my wardrobe, mixing low end and high end pieces in a wide array of colors and textures. So I checked out City Sport, Athleta, American Apparel, Target and of course TJ Maxx. I searched both HMs for this collection, to no avail.

I picked up a a highlighter yellow Nike sports bra, a patterned gym bag by Mossimo and C9 by Champion shorts and sports bras, shorts, sports bra and tops with built in bras by MPG Sports. I thought my wardrobe was complete, but I just got this email from Free People, so I may have to add a few items...