Monday, November 12, 2012

Hunting for Prints

This week I've been on the hunt for printed pants/skirts. I started with the Narciso Rodriguez collection at Kohl's...

November 7 Narciso Rodriguez collection at Kohl's
I was so excited about this collection. The video trailers and the online images were so exciting, but what I forgot was that the because the collection is well-below the Rodriguez price-point, the fabrics would be as well. This coat was one of the few items that had any natural fibers-a wool blend, and unfortunately is not very flattering on me. And I love love loved the print of the pants, but the polyester fabric really detracted from the quality. Synthetic fibers don't agree too well with my sensitive skin, so I had to pass. In case you can't tell, I've got a super sad face behind the camera and unfortunately did not purchase anything. However the online selection is a lot more robust then the store I visited so maybe I can still be persuaded...

November 8 I was downtown so I headed to H&M to see if they had any printed pants. I found a few pairs, and then headed to Anthropologie for the Chef Jose Garces' cook book signing. While waiting for my friend to arrive, I checked out their selection of printed pants. While they had a few interesting items, I did not find exactly what I was looking for. Plus I also was not willing to spend $100+ on a trend item that isn't really part of my personal style....The night was not a loss. Although there were no labels, the selections from Chef Garces' book were tasty and the Spanish wine was an added bonus!

This is the only outfit photo from the night, and I know it's kinda incomplete, but I do love this new to me Air Force jacket. It's not very warm, so I layered a fur vest underneath it, and add a belt to create some definition.
November 9, I took a break from my hunt for prints to attend the Girls' Night Out Fundraiser for Spin Inc as a vendor. 

 I made some great contacts, and was so busy with customers that I forgot to get an outfit photo. I loved my first pair of sneaker wedges so much that I bought a second pair from Asos. I paired these sneakers with tomato red/orange jeans and these tops. Sometimes I forget how bright metallics can be....

November 10, I finally tried on the pants that I bought from H&M and hated them both!!!! So I headed to another location and after searching for hours and trying on too many items, I finally found two pair that I love! I'm building this week's outfits around them, so stay tuned!