Friday, August 29, 2014

Adventure: Charting the Course

I love planning things, parties, home decor, my life, other people's lives. If it involves a list, spreadsheet and a calendar, I'm in. So of course I love planning trips as well. I always start with a country, city or in this case a continent. Iggy Azalea's been all over the radio, and she has an interesting back story (she worked and saved her money to come to the US at age 16 to be a rapper), and I like her music, so Australia was the first destination.

I prefer cities to the country or outback in this case, and it never hurts to visit a major city with a US Embassy as a solo traveler, so Sydney and Melbourne were added to the list. I watched Looney Tunes almost every day after school at 4pm, so Tasmania was a mandatory stop, so I could see the Tasmanian devils (although the cartoon character is much cuter, and I'm not so into wild animals...).

Then I figured I might as well just go to New Zealand as well since I'm in the area, and my sister said "Why aren't you going to Fiji?", so I added Fiji.

Then I fiddled around with multi-city and one way flights on Orbitz and  various airline websites, and then like magic an itinerary was formed! Now all that's left to do is to find a few hotels, plan daily activities, choose restaurants and packing, which certainly involves more lists! Woohoo!