Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fashionable Toddlers

These tiny divas and divos are a source of inspiration and icons for both adults and children alike, from paper dolls to tailored designer duds to boutique fashion these little people all have one thing in common, supportive adults in their life that allow them to express themselves through fashion.

Mayhem via Huffington Post

Blue Ivy via The Cut

Street style via Ladys&Gents

Alonso Mateo
Yes this is real life. This child takes selfies, picks out his own wardrobe and his parents (mom's in the fashion industry) support his love of fashion!


"The first thing Quinoa always does when she gets to the Italian seaside is kick off her shoes, run wildly through the sand, and scare away all the tourists. #MIWDTD" Vogue Enfants Tumblr via Pinterest
Tiffany Beveridge's  Imaginary Toddler Quinoa is a compilation of fashion images found on the web that showcase the ever evolving style (and appearance) of Quinoa, her relationships with her friends and acquaintances, namely best friend Chevron, and her always on point sense of fashion.

While Suri's Burn Book is not endorsed by Suri, Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes, it is a pretty interesting catalogue of the fashion of celebrity children...once you get past all of the biting sarcasm.