Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Theft of Epic Proportions

So the most tragic thing happened to me...not life-shattering tragic, just annoying tragic. My packages were stolen!!! And do you know what was in those packages? Part of Elena's AW 2014 wardrobe! And her shoes!!!!!!

Ralph Lauren: Infant's & Toddler's Sag Harbour Zebra Haircalf High-Top Sneakers

Ralph Lauren:Infant's & Toddler's Carl Glitter Boots

Do you see how awesome these shoes are? And they were on sale $25 each, and free shipping! I don't know how to process this information.  I've done internet searches, tried to search Polyvore (not a good source for children's items), and they are not available anywhere in her size! Ahhhhh!!!! I'm not sure if I'm more upset about the theft or that now I have to find new shoes.

I've made calls to the shipping company and the stores. I've sent emails to PayPal, the police and even tweeted. At this point I would like to praise Target and Amazon, Old Navy/Gap for their quick responses; during the phone conversations the customer service reps, re-shipped my items, even changing the shipping address and sent me refunds. Some other companies did not react so quickly and told me that I have to wait 24-72hours for the investigations.

Wait? This is America in the Digital Age, why do I have to wait? And why is someone stalking my house and stealing my packages?

I have learned a few lessons, I will be shipping to a home that is occupied during the day or to the stores. I also signed up for text alerts for Fedex and UPS, and I will definitely stalk my packages online as much as possible.

The sad thing is that my items are not super expensive. There were baby clothes, a cook book, breastmilk storage bags, a hand mixer, a nursing top and baby sneakers. What are these thieves going to do with all of these items? Sell them on the black market? Give them to their family members or just thrown them in the trash? I mean a tiny part of me has a bit of compassion. If you're stealing to make ends meet then obviously you are worse off than I am, so even though I feel violated and disappointed....

THIEVES, I forgive you.