Monday, September 2, 2013

Fall Wishlist

1. Cool Sweatshirt

Markus Lupfer

2. Silk Plaid Shirt
Equipment: Sheer Plaid



3. Anything Berry Colored

Tory Burch

4. Leather Skirt
Thankoon Flared Leather Skirt at Les Nouvelles

5. Anything Green
Lacey dress by Parker

6. A Navy Pleated Skirt

I haven't managed to find one yet that doesn't scream Catholic school girl...

7. Knee Length Black Boots (Somehow my old pair disappeared?)


8. Sequined or Sparkly Booties
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Close Contenders

I tend to stay away from jumpsuits because they are usually too long, and I just feel that they just wont work, BUT I've recently been inspired by the Olsen twins who are only a few inches taller than I and always were disproportionate clothing and manage to look.... stylish. So here goes!