Saturday, August 17, 2013

Diner En Blanc: What to Eat?

So it's the week of Diner En Blanc, and I've mostly figured out what we're going to eat. The first item on the menu is salad. I had Madame Fromage's amazing Pickled Feta with Cerignola Olive& Strawberries salad a couple months ago at the Etsy Craft Party, (made by the Madame herself) so I knew I definitely wanted to add that to the menu. The version we had was made with spinach, and red onions, and according to the chef, you can tweak the salad veggies a bit, the stars are the pickled feta, strawberries and olives. I'm thinking about adding mixed green, shredded carrots and red onions.

Photo Credit:Jason Varney via Food Republic

A while ago, maybe around Easter, or even Christmas I had the Trader Joes' cornbread. I'm thinking about modifying them like Blogger Abbie by adding some scallions and topping with sour cream.

I also recently bought a bottle of rose and sparkling rose. I also have a bottle of Chandon that I might bring instead. I'm so cautious about getting stains!

I'm debating between a few desserts, I love Potito's cannolis and of course Miel's macarons, but I was thinking about some fresh berries, but I am so worried about stains. This is an all-white event after all!

Now for a protein...Smoked salmon? Sliced beef with horseradish cream? Seared chicken breast? And after my recent binge, Luke's Lobster rolls have me thinking about seafood...  Any thoughts?