Sunday, December 23, 2012

The EYES have it!

Okay so a sad thing happened to me. Well several sad things. First I finally went to the eye doctor and found that my eyes had gotten increasingly worse and I needed a new prescription. Normally this would be a good thing; better vision increases the quality of life or something to that extent, but not for me. A change in prescription means that I not only do I get a new pair of glasses, but I also have to update all of my glasses. I have 8 pairs in all different colors, blue/green, red/pink Betsey Johnson, tortoise shell, black, black with pink, orange, and even classic brown.  I decided to get a pair of sunglasses this time (somehow my last pair grew legs and walked away…). I took a gamble and picked a pair of old school, large lensed, pink Glora Vanderbilt frames and "Sun Brown Grad"  as the tint.

They turned out AMAZING and I can see so much better, so I started taking my glasses in to get the lenses replaced. I had two pairs updated and then it happened. The red/pink Betsey Johnson frames broke, and then the orange, and the black ones. And I found out that the two pairs that had previously broken were beyond repair. The devastation and desperation began to set in.

Five broken frames...

I will let you in on the secret that my sister and I have been keeping for the past five years. Almost any pair of sunglasses or readers can be replaced with prescription lenses. You can really expand your options by investing in a pair of readers. They come in such great colors and patterns and even different shapes.
I started my search for the perfect frames-plural-I was down to three pairs and I need to have options. I wanted lenses that were a little bigger than my other ones, but not cartoonish like the 80’s throwbacks that seem to keep coming back, and I needed a red pair, maybe a purple pair, a yellow pair or a green/blue pair, and they also needed to be affordable, around $20. Loehmann’s where I purchased frames before has long left Philly, so I checked out (too expensive and what if they break during shipping?). didn’t have what I was looking for, and neither did TJ Maxx, and then I hit the jackpot at the Nordstrom Rack in KOP! I found Adrienne Vittadini frames with larger lenses in purple, red, and even a blue green marble. Cha-ching!!!
The next day I headed straight down to the PhiladelphiaEyeglasses Lab on 10th&Arch Streets and Shirley really helped me out. The staff there is really helpful, and friendly; I met Lindsey in August when redeeming a Groupon deal and she remembered me when I returned in October. It probably also helped that two of my family members became customers as well. Anyway the store is great and the customer service is excellent. After the third pair of glasses broke, Shirley felt sorry for me and offered me discounts, which I really appreciated!
All three pairs came out as awesome as I had imagined and I’ve gotten such great compliments! What do you think?